Smudge (Okyer) Fans

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In the smudging ceremony

The feather represents Air

The Abalone shell is Water

The Herb is Earth

The flame that ignites the herb is Fire.

And you are the Fifth Element, Spirit manifesting these elements.

These smudge fans are handmade works of art. All natural materials, Charged Crystals and Hand-selected Feathers. Made with care and reverence for the women that taught me how to wrap harvested feathers to give as gifts for ceremony. Each one is unique and named in the Nottoway dialect of our tribal language. Crafted with reverence and respect for Mother Earth and The Ancestors, use these smudge fans with respect in your sacred ceremonies. 

Suggested Use: Use the Smudge fan as an extension of your hand. Connect with the energy to move the intention around your space. Long sweeping motions will transport the smoke carrying your spirit to work with the other elements present. 

*Each Smudge Fan is an individual creation, it can not be duplicated or recreated.