DIY Loose Incense Blend

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There are moments in life that call for a readjustment. You don't know what, how or why, but you can feel it deep in your soul that something needs to be fixed. Those times call for deep cleansing and inviting what is meant for you into your space and eliminating what is not. Let the universe work by crafting your custom Incense Blend to cleanse and set your intentions into your sacred space. Each plant has it's own unique vibration all for your highest good. Add a carefully chosen crystal to amplify your blend.

Don't know where to start? Tell us where you feel "stuck" in life and let us channel the universe on your behalf and send you a blend crafted by our hands for your intentions. 

Herb & Flower Options (Choose as many or as few as you feel called to):

Lavender - Passion

Red Rose - Radiant Love

Chamomile - Luck, Abundance, Calm

Basil - Monetary Abundance

Rue - Ancestor Protection, Lower Chakra Healing

Cinnamon (Cassia) - Preserving, Steady the Path

Mint - Determination, Will Power

Sweetgrass - Ancestor Protection, Upper Chakra Healing

White Sage - Intense Purification and Clearing (Ether/ Vibrational)

Rosemary - Gentle Purification and Clearing (Mental Space)

Hibiscus - Lust, Physical Attraction

Mugwort - Protection, Lucid Dreaming

Damiana - Self Love, Sacral Chakra, Lust

Motherwort - Renewal, Maternal Gratitude

Cedar Leaf - Sacred Protection and Purification

Each Blend if carefully made to order by Elaina. 

Each Blend is grounded and charged with earth stones.

Each Blend comes with a special message from Elaina indicating what was felt in the creation of each Blend.

Please be patient, each Blend can take 2-7 days to create.


**Disclaimer** Not for internal use or inhalation. Please burn incense responsibly.

Always burn your incense on a heat resistant surface and in a heat safe container. Never leave it unattended. Smoldering incense causes smoke which may irritate the lungs.