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Divine Assistance Herb Infused Soy Candle

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Divine Assistance Candles, because we all need a little help sometimes. No matter who you call on, use these candles to amplify those energies and navigate the tough work that needs to be done. Each herb is selected for its spiritual properties to magnify your intentions.

Our candles are hand-poured and blessed on the Full Moon to bring you the fullest of intentions. Soy Wax burns clean and cooler than other waxes. Estimated Burn Time is 24 hours.



  • Renew- The Full Moon blend of Lemon, Ginger, Orange, Mint, Palo Santo, and Rosemary ground together with positive energy and love under the New Moon. There are little Garnet crystals placed in to amplify the Full Moon energy.
  • Protect- A magical blend of Sage, Black Pepper, Cedar, Clove, Rue, and Lavender ground together with positive vibes and love to assist you in your journey. There are little Mookite crystals placed in to amplify the protective properties.
  • Remove Blocks- A transformative blend of Sandalwood, Myrrh, Copal, Frankincense, Bay, Orange, and Rose all ground together with positive energy and love under the Full Moon. There are little Amethyst crystals placed in to amplify all the energies needed to complete your task.
  • Prosper - A powerful blend of Basil, Clove, Cinnamon, Orange, and Mint all ground together with nothing but good vibes and lots of love. There are little Citrine crystals placed in to amplify the call to prosperity.
  • Heal - A soothing blend of Bay, Cedar, Cinnamon, Rose, and Lemon Balm mixed with positive energy and peace to assist you with your healing. Little Sodalite crystals delicately placed to amplify healing energies.
  • Reverence- A thoughtful blend of Sweetgrass, Cedar, Elder Flower and Blue Cornflower infused with our ancestral Tobacco to assist you with connection to those that came before. There are powerful Labradorite crystals placed in to amplify the energy.

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  • 5
    These candles are truly amazing!

    Posted by Erin on Feb 11th 2021

    I appreciate all the love and care the Bright sisters pour into these beautiful offerings blessed under the full moon. The intention of each candle really comes through when lighting and working with them. Thank you Elaina and Alyssa for continuing to make these available to us all!

  • 5
    Purchased for a Friend

    Posted by Lauren G on Jan 27th 2021

    I love this company and these products so much! The candles are exquisite, have many hours of burn time, and are always the perfect ritual to center and cleanse space. I recently ordered this candle for a friend, and the only problem I had was that despite indicating a different shipping address from the billing address, the product was still sent to me instead of my friend. I was hoping to skip going to the post office, but that's okay. Please look closely at the shipping address next time! And thank you for wonderful products.