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Pura Vida: Puerto Viejo Week 1

Pura Vida: Puerto Viejo Week 1

Posted by Alysia Bright on Mar 29th 2019

Tires hit the runway in the middle of a valley, mountains surround us. Departing the plane we realize we’ve finally arrived in Costa Rica. Fast forward 24 hours and we’re heading from the Central Valley into the heart of the jungle to Puerto Viejo. Palm Tree lined coasts, Holler Monkey’s hang in trees above my head, wild toucans and parrots fly by as I imagine what Eden must’ve looked like; Pure Peace and Tranquility, Pura Vida.


We’ve officially made it one week in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

A wise man once said, “How do you know where your feet should be if you never take them off the ground.” As I sat swinging across the Caribbean Sea it finally made sense. Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and believe in something greater, believe in yourself. We started our stay at a Permaculture Farm called Veronica’s Place deep into the raw places that make Puerto Viejo. Strolling through their jungle fed garden we experience the freshness of Coconut water picked fresh from the Palm. Lychee Fruits and Mangos that resemble the nectar of the Caribbean and Vegan cuisine at the peek of freshness.


We’ve found a community here. Of women who support each other and thrive off the wellness of the individual. Typically we are shown images of women competing against each other, of jealousy and avoiding bonding but the experience here has been transformative. There is a sisterhood here that wants to see our women thrive in this world and beyond. We had the pleasure of joining the Black Expats dinner and met wonderful women and men that have been living and thriving in Costa Rica for over 15 years. Including a native of Washington DC who moved here over 3 years ago and recently opened her own successful business.

There’s truly something in the air here. Immediately you feel the oxygen fill your lungs and your skin begin to clear up. With a regular diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy amount of walking and biking we’ve truly noticed a difference in our bodies after just one week of being here. The peace of mind that comes with taking a moment to enjoy the serenity of a Black Sand Beach and rubbing the smooth sand over your skin for a natural exfoliator treatment.

Top 3 Things we’ve learned:

  • The value of sweat for your skin.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
  • It’s not the abundance of material things but the abundance of living life simply and fully.

With a grateful spirit we want to thank ourselves for being brave enough to follow our call, we hope the series of blog post to come inspire you to take a deep look at your lifestyle and evaluate if you’re truly living the way you desire. 

With All our Love, The Bright Sisters