About Us


About Us

 Skin Scholars started many generations ago in Southampton County Virginia, in the fields, gardens and forest o​f​ our family’s lands. Our 5x Great Grandmother was blessed with the knowledge of the land and took care of her family from the land.

​There wasn't exactly your neighborhood Walgreen's to pop into when your skin was burned by the sun or when your hands ache from tending to the gardens. They would grow their herbs and flowers fresh and collected saps, oils and fresh water from the land to create creams, salves and tinctures to heal their family. ​

Our ​Great G​randmother and her oldest daughter​, our grandmother​, ​

​brought the mothers and daughters in our family together to teach us the gifts of the earth and the family secrets to ensure that our generation and the next kept the healing legacy alive.​

​We bring you Skin Scholars a family owned handmade skin care company bringing family recipes to modern times.

Our Great Grandmother, the matriarch of our family, is still alive today at the wise age of 93 years young. She is a consultant to the business and the curator of many of the recipes we use today. From teaching us what herbs to use dry and fresh to cold-press​ing​ our oils to lending us her expert opinion on the perfect whip to our "buttas".​

We’ve been certified as Cruelty-Free by both Leaping Bunny and PETA as well as established as a Green Business through Green America. What we put in our products matter to us, so we strive to use the highest quality ingredients like Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oils and Kakosi Organic Shea and Cocoa Butter.

 Skin Scholars is bringing you “Legacy Skin Love” from our family table to your home.


Meet the Bright Sisters


Elaina Bright - Owner/ Curator

Forever a free-spirit with heavy influences in holistic living. Deeply Spiritual with a  background in Religion and Philosophy, she has spent significant time living and working abroad. While there she gained a greater appreciation for simplicity and a holistic lifestyle.

Skin Scholars has grown into a holistic skincare line harnessing generational wisdom and modern day trends to celebrate all skin types. Elaina's summers with her grandmother and great grandmother have taught her the legacy of living in harmony with the earth.   

"Look to the Sky as your father, look to the Earth as your mother, and to all else as your brother and sister."


Alysia Bright - Creative Director

The Family Historian and the Creative Director of Skin Scholars. She has fused her cultural interest sparked by her Naval Career with her sisters savvy business etiquette to create a skin loving family friendly business. Alysia credits her great grandmother and grandmother's wisdom and indigenous background as the sole driving force behind Skin Scholars. 

"Love your Skin and it will Love you back."