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About Us


About Us


   Skin Scholars is not just a Skin Care Company, we embody our indigenous traditions and principles that shaped who we are. We've taken the knowledge that has been passed down to us from over 7 generations of herbalist and infused it into earth friendly sustainable products that people can feel good about using.

   We arise from from a very proud and strong line of Indigenous Medicine Women, Midwives, and Healers. Our tribal roots go back to numerous Southeastern Virginia, and Northeastern North Carolina tribes including The Weapemoc (Yeopim) Nation, Cheroenhaka Nottoway, Nansemond, and Meherrin Peoples.

  Skin Scholars is a business that is created from the beliefs, customs, and heritage that we proudly continue to practice in honor of our Ancestors. Our Foremothers believed in the most natural of processes. Everything was made with Love, Laughter and the Patience of the Cosmos. 

  Making medicines and Skin Care was a time for the women to come together and share stories and pass on oral traditions that we inherited and continue to carry to this day. For the Indigenous people of the Americas working with our hands is the way we infuse a little of ourselves into our work. This is a high honor.



Our Values & Mission


   Our Mission and Values run along the same vein as everything we do at Skin Scholars. It embodies the life we try to live every day.

Do No Harm.

   We believe in Crap Free Products made with Natures Bounty and Ancestral Recipes. We lean heavily on the cosmos and the direction of the planets and the moon. We believe our ancestral reverence and organic sense of self lead our focus and steer the direction of our product creation.

We create products to heal and craft candles and unique fragrances to stoke the passion already living in each of us. We stand by our sustainability pledge and do our best to package our products leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the planet. Our favorite quote that embodies the Skin Scholars Mission is "Look to the Sky as your father, look to the Earth as your mother, and to all else as your brother and sister."



Meet the Bright Sisters



Elaina Bright - Owner/ Curator

Forever a free-spirit with heavy influences in holistic living. Deeply Spiritual with a  background in Religion and Philosophy, she has spent significant time living and working abroad. While there she gained a greater appreciation for simplicity and a holistic lifestyle.

Skin Scholars has grown into a holistic skincare line harnessing generational wisdom and modern day trends to celebrate all skin types. Elaina's summers with her grandmother and great grandmother have taught her the legacy of living in harmony with the earth.   


Alysia Bright - Creative Director

The Family Historian and the Creative Director of Skin Scholars. She has fused her cultural interest sparked by her Naval Career with her sisters savvy business etiquette to create a skin loving family friendly business. Alysia credits her great grandmother and grandmother's wisdom and indigenous background as the sole driving force behind Skin Scholars.